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DVD: 7 Keys to Freedom (Sounds True)

Welcome to an exciting new form of spontaneous dance that anyone can enjoy as a tool for wellness and inner exploration. “Chakradance” combines the beloved practices of dance and music to open and balance the body’s seven primary energy centers. 7 Keys to Freedom invites you to experience an authentic Chakradance class in your own home with founding teacher Natalie Southgate. Using stunning visuals, gentle instruction, and beautiful music, this one-hour program guides you through:

– An opening meditation to calm the mind and energize the body in preparation for the dance
– Seven specific dances beginning with the base chakra (the key to our instincts) and culminating with the crown chakra (the key to our spirituality)
– A mandala-making exercise for intuitive expression, followed by a closing meditation to immerse you in love and peace

“There’s no wrong way to Chakradance,” explains Natalie Southgate. “This is about finding your own natural movement to free up the transformational power within you.” Whether your goal is to decrease stress, improve fitness, or deepen your awareness of your inner world, 7 Keys to Freedom is intended to support the free flow of the body’s energies, boost our creative capacities, and lead us to a richer, more vibrant experience of life.

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Title: DVD: 7 Keys to Freedom (Sounds True)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Chakradance
ISBN: 9781622035038

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