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Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Cards

NEW PACKAGING. The latest version of the Aborginal Goddess Chakra Cards now come in new quality packaging. Featuring bigger cards with gold edging, an updated guided book and a solid cardboard box to protect your deck.

The Aboriginal Chakra Goddess Cards are unique. The 49 cards consist of 7 different colours, of which each colour is represented by a Chakra Angel or Faery, a God and Goddess, and 4 chakra cards.

This set of Aboriginal Chakra Goddess Cards are inspired by the close connection between the Australian Aboriginal Artist/Author’s spirituality, and her relationship with the deities from a range of other cultures together with the merging of the chakras.

These cards capture a distinctive and rare blend of cultures, to produce an Oracle that is based on ancient spirituality which spans time and cultural beliefs.

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Title: IC: Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Cards
Publisher: Spirit Dreaming
Author: Brown Mel
ISBN: 9780987172631

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