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This cd was actually released back in 2001 with a different track listing and older, slightly different versions of of some of their songs from the “Quiet Letters” album. The songs that are featured on this current edition are songs that were on the older version of the album along with songs that were previously unavailable and unreleased. If you are familiar with the other albums, “Quiet Letters” and “They Made History”, then you will love this cd. The songs on this cd fit in beautifully with the rest of their musical catalogue. If you are a stranger to Bliss, then this would be a good place to start your collection. The songs are all very melonchaly (without sounding depressing), ethereal sounding, but with an ambient, classical aproach to them. All the songs are very soothing, mellow, calming, and I know these are all words that have a tendancy to be overused, but these songs are the definition to those words. Overall this is a great cd, if you love it then check out “They Made History” and Quiet Letters”, both are on the Music for Dreams label. The track list is as follows: 1. “Lento” 2. “If Heaven Closes” 3. “Lost Soul” (New Mix) 4. “The Suns of Afterlife” 5. “Long Life” 6. “The Whispering Sea” 7. “Moon of Langa” 8. “Blissful Moment” 9. “Remember My Name” 10.”Arapapa”

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