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Amethyst Runes

This authentic Amethyst Rune Stone Set is perfect for finding answers to the questions we all have. Rune stones are used in psychic readings. Each set consists of 25 genuine Amethyst stones, each inscribed with a character from the Elder Futhark rune alphabet. Much like Tarot cards, rune stones are set in varying patterns and interpreted by readers to answer questions for the future and the past.

The amethyst of this set is not only beautiful, it is powerful. Amethyst is considered the stone of spirituality and is associated with the crown chakra. This rune set is natural amethyst, therefore each stone is unique and special. The naturalness of the stones also means each set varies, and none will be exactly like the one pictured above. The real benefit of amethyst, outside of its beauty, is the energy it lends to itself to spirituality. It is used to foster psychic ability and spiritual awareness. It is often used in past life work and predictions of the future.

This set of Amethyst Rune Stones comes with instructions and a velveteen storage bag. Even without experience, you can begin finding answers to questions you have been pondering for ages.

Amethyst balances the energy centers in the body. Helps to open the third eye. Clears the mind and promotes spiritual understanding. Helps direct awareness releasing from negative thoughts and focusing on deeper understanding.

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Title: Amethyst Runes
Publisher: Inner Earth Crystals
Author: Runes
ISBN: 3198393412597

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