CD: Ancient Lands

An epic album that takes the listener on a magical journey featuring celtic instruments,the ethereal vocals of Juliana and Llewellyns crafted atmospheric soundscapes.

In the ending of the legend of Arthur, he rests on the Isle of Avalon waiting until he is one day needed again. Today the world is in great turmoil with wars,disease and poverty. More than ever Arthur is needed now to restore peace and healing.

Arthur awakes and prepares for his new quest. Excalibur rises again from the waters and he gathers a circle of loyal knights and powerful dragons to join him on his perilous challenge. Merlyn is also once again returned to his side and the album culminates in a powerful battle track from which peace is finally restored and a new Camelot emerges. Arthur again returns to Avalon until he is needed for another time.

Also features Chris Conway on celtic flutes and whistles.


Title: CD: Ancient Lands
Publisher: Paradise Music
Author: Llewellyn & Juliana

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