CD: As Deep As We Can Go Without Drowning

Stunning album from 1 Giant Leap's Jamie Catto featuring well known artists such as Maxi Jazz, Duncan Bridgeman, Paula Taylor and DJ Swamp amongst others. A diverse group of musicans improvise an exquisite, spaciious, late night album.

Jamie Catto in his liner notes states Not a note was played that didn't absolutely have to be there – our focus was on simplicity and space in the music. What followed was an extraordinary three days with every composition played once only and mixed straight to tape. It was so inspiring to experience three days of beauty and diversity in our music with no attention to singles, markets, anything at all but pleasing our hearts, souls and our ears.


Title: CD: As Deep As We Can Go Without Drowning
Publisher: One World Music
Author: Jamie Catto & The Happening

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