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CD: Bali Lounge

Put aside the pressures of life, leave the concrete jungle and enter Bali Lounge, where down-tempo, nu jazz, lounge, world music and bossa nova rhythms weave together a soothing, elegant flow of music. Plunge yourself into the clear blue waters of Bali while you enjoy this 2CD 30-song collection of relaxing melodies. In addition to a dream collection of hits from giants like Thievery Corporation, Jazzamor, JoJo Effect, the album also features numbers from around the world that will bring an exotic flavor to this joyous selection of music, including: the enigmatic Middle Eastern flow of Bam Session’s Missin’; Lar Meri’s moving self-titled Lar Meri; the sweet bossa nova beats of Aidita Martinez’s Open Your Eyes; the Mediterranean melancholy of Imam Baildi’s Den Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis (Remix); Viennese duo Dela Dap’s tango-heavy Amaro Shavo (N.O.H.A. Remix); Blue Pilots Project’s uplifting Air Fiction; the idyllic soul funk mix of Redsolution’s I Can’t and When I See You Smile; as well as Camila Sapin and LTJ X-Perience’s adventurous and refreshing downtempo cover of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and The Beatles’ And I Love Her.

CD1 1. Bam Session – Missin’
CD1 2. Baildo, Imam – Den thelo pia na xanarthis (Remix)
CD1 3. Dela Dap – Amaro shavo (N.O.H.A. Remix)
CD1 4. Omfo – Caravanserai
CD1 5. Saletti, Stefano / Ikona, Piccola Banda – Tagama
CD1 6. Lal Meri – Lal meri
CD1 7. Panjabi Hit Squad / Kaur, Manpreet – Hasdi hasdi (Hit Squad Mix) CD1 8. Gaudi / Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali – Jab teri dhun main raha karte they CD1 9. Kayo Project / Deejay – The source
CD1 10. Les Orientales / Mona – Alger alger
CD1 11. Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra, The – Pacific drift
CD1 12. Ambray – Brahma
CD1 13. Le Clercq, Eddy & Friends – Topaz
CD1 14. Blue Pilots Project – Air fiction
CD1 15. Thievery Corporation – It takes a thief
CD2 1. Jean-Marie Riachi – Bellayl
CD2 2. Chaise Lounge – A man who can cook
CD2 3. LTJ X-Perience – And I love hime
CD2 4. Flamingo Star – Nothing sweeta (Mo’Horizons Hippie Remix)
CD2 5. Le Tone – Paris Delhi
CD2 6. Soulavenue / Shaheen Sheik – Different
CD2 7. Fernandez, Eric – Cada dia
CD2 8. Daiquiro – More
CD2 9. Redsolution – I can’t
CD2 10. Redsolution – When I see your smile
CD2 11. Martinez, Aidita – Open your eyes
CD2 12. Revoir, Martin – Beautiful girls
CD2 13. Spain, Camila – Born this way
CD2 14. Jazzamor – Song of silence
CD2 15. Jojo Effect – Not with me

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Title: CD: Bali Lounge
Publisher: High Note
Author: Various

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