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Banyan Tree’s Gift-Earth Giant Tree Gift Series – Book 3

As ancient knowledge surges up from within each of us and we slowly begin to awaken to wisdom of Unity consciousness, our hearts cry out to be heard and felt as never before. As our search for answers continues, Mother Nature reaches out her hand to guide and nurture us through this incredible time of change. Rochelle, in her book titled Banyan tree Wisdom: My Gift to You, offers a process which brings together the concepts of living from the heart and the unique workings of Mother Nature! Rochelle shares in such a beautiful and profound way her journey of healing and awakening – a story which relates to each and every one of us. Reading through each chapter, you can feel the spirit of the Banyan tree whispering her mystical secrets, enfolding you in her arms, and embracing you with unconditional love. The sacred wisdom shared by the Banyan tree not only inspires the reader to want to know more, but also offers a safe and gentle method of healing that is both unique and life changing. On each page there are magical gems which assist in the transformation of both the inner and outer world of the reader creating greater levels of happiness and success.

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Title: Banyan Tree’s Gift-Earth Giant Tree Gift Series – Book 3
Publisher: Tree Voice
Author: Rochelle Heveren
ISBN: 9780648352129

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