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CD: Besos

On BESOS Armik seeks out the poetry beneath the music’s surface with surges of passion and romance. The result is an innovative presentation of unforgettable emotions that Armik conveys from start to finish. Armik has composed 12 breath-taking songs that transcend the sonics of the genre and which demonstrate his ability to combine the Andalusian art of flamenco with his sentimental themes, spirit, lyricism and elegance.
Armik’s captivating & inimitable style of guitar mastery has made him one of the world’s best selling Nuevo Flamenco guitarists. Armik has attained worldwide prominence with his infectious and irresistible style in fusing Latin, Flamenco and Jazz elements into a wonderful array of solo contexts. Escape to a musical euphoria with Armik’s recordings. Feel his passionate exuberance and his gifted artistry…Armik…one of the world’s finest and best selling Nuevo Flamenco master guitarists.

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Title: CD: Besos
Publisher: Bolero Records
Author: Armik

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