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Buddhism Plain and Simple – Practice of Being Aware Right Now, Every Day

When the Buddha was asked to sum up his teachings in a single word he said awareness — experiencing the whole of reality, seeing what is, and being entirely in the present. In this way, the mind is made free.

In Buddhism Plain and Simple, Zen priest and longtime teacher Steve Hagen presents this heart of Buddhist teaching, pared down to its essence and explained in simple, everyday language. This best-selling beginner’s guide to Buddhism text has served international readers at all levels of study and practice since it was originally published over a decade ago. More than 300,000 copies in various formats have sold to date and is now available in a brand new, high-quality paperback edition.

Praised by Robert M. Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, as the clearest and most precise exposition of Buddhism I have ever read. If you’re looking for enlightenment rather than just scholarly knowledge, you’d better read this. Buddhism Plain and Simple is the perfect beginner’s mind introduction to the practice of being awake and in touch with the here and now.

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Title: Buddhism Plain and Simple - Practice of Being Aware Right Now, Every Day
Publisher: New South Books
Author: Steve Hagen
ISBN: 9780804851183

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