DVD: Celtic Pilgrimage with John O'Donohue, A

?In the Irish psyche, landscape has a unique presence. One of the wonderful insights of the Celtic imagination is that landscape is alive.? With A Celtic Pilgrimage, you have the opportunity to walk with Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue through the breathtaking landscape of western Ireland. Weaving ancient wisdom with personal history and stunning imagery, this documentary reveals the Ireland that gave rise to the spiritual wisdom of the Celts?and inspired John O'Donohue throughout his remarkable life. ?A pilgrim travels differently,? observes O'Donohue. ?Always in a pilgrimage, there is a change of mind and a change of heart.? With mischievous humor, keen awareness, and a poet's gift for the truth, O'Donohue invites you to see the landscape of Ireland through his eyes?as a living source of wisdom, beauty, and transformative spiritual power.


Title: DVD: Celtic Pilgrimage with John O'Donohue, A
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: John O'Donohue
ISBN: 9781604075243

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