CD: Circles

A cultural feast of eclectic music for lovers of world fusion, Amanaska’s Simon Lewis has created a global musical masterpiece! Recorded in the UK, USA, India and Melbourne, this mid to down tempo album is a richly layered musical experience that blends organic sounds and electronica with worldly and spiritual influences. A supreme mix of female and male vocals peppered with ethnic harmonies and beautiful string arrangements, alongside earthy percussive elements and moody hypnotic rhythms and beats. This lushly produced collection of tracks transports the listener through chilled beats to vibrant grooves, all the while encapsulating a mood of sophistication and innovation. Circles sets a new benchmark in the global fusion genre and takes you on a journey that leaves a memorable musical imprint on the listener.

Published Reviews

A highly accomplished blend of cruisy beats, lush instrumentation, and atmospheric vocals. Drawing upon a truly global palette of sounds Amanaska creates an evocative soundtrack to that perfect sunrise. Each track is fresh and sufficiently individual to make the listener think this could even be a compilation of their fave chill tracks’.

Australian Musician Magazine

What a great album…this will go far!

Christophe Goz

Very Very good


‘a truly exquisite aural journey…all in all a truly outstanding album from an original and inspiring producer who we are bound to hear big things from in the future’


‘This is sophisticated, deeply considered music…very accomplished’

3D World

‘As a label, One World continually keeps coming up with excellent artists, surreal music and an overall delight to listen too. Amanaska’s second album, ‘Circles’, is no difference to the above mentioned and exceeded all expectations’.

‘Circles is a beautifully ambient album that embraces the full potential of what world fusion can be’ Insight Magazine a classy, sophisticated set of arrangements, filled with atmosphere.'

‘This album has been superbly crafted and is the ideal choice for anyone who loves world fusion.'



Title: CD: Circles
Publisher: One World Music
Author: Amanaska

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