CD: Courage to Love, The

The heart can hold everything – our joys and our sorrows, our victories and our failures, our deepest fears and our greatest longings. In The Courage to Love, Jeff Foster invites us to embrace all the heart knows, to courageously meet ourselves – and everything else – right now, just as we are. With warmth and compassion, Jeff guides us through four progressive meditations, each accompanied by an insightful teaching session

Guided practices include:
A breath-based meditation for becoming unconditionally receptive to your immediate experience
A meditation for opening to the present moment with attention to soundA body-scan practice for awakening acceptance through physical awareness
A heart-opening meditation for embracing the present moment completely and fully

In true meditation, we don’t want to move away from life, Jeff teaches, We want to become more intimate with life in all her forms. Through these heartfelt sessions, we learn to cultivate a fearless acceptance of our total experience, returning to peace and inspiration with every listening.


Title: CD: Courage to Love, The
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Jeff Foster
ISBN: 9781622038756

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