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Creature Garden, The – An Illustrator’s Guide to Beautiful Beasts and Fictional Fauna

class=product-short-description text-large>This book uses Scandinavian folk art techniques to teach both experienced artists and casual drawers how to illustrate their favourite real animals and fictional creatures.

Transport yourself to a whimsical world out of a fairy tale with this unique approach to animal art instruction.

The Creature Garden is filled with drawing techniques and design ideas for over fifty animals, trees, plants, and even creatures of myth and lore. Each chapter features a beautifully illustrated opener, step by step instructions for all the animals featured, interesting facts and folklore on the creatures being featured, and ideas for putting them all together in art projects.

This gorgeous art book contains both beautiful stylised art technique and interesting information about natural history, regional folklore, and animals both real and imagined.

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Title: Creature Garden, The - An Illustrator's Guide to Beautiful Beasts and Fictional Fauna
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Author: Zanna Goldhawk and Harry Goldhawk
ISBN: 9781631064272

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