DVD: Dances Of Ecstasy

Dances of Ecstasy will transport you through rhythm to your own inner sanctum, freeing your mind from daily pressures, helping to gain a fresh perspective on life.

DVD 1 > Features the film Dances of Ecstasy – This project explores how different people around the world connect with the transcendental forces through rhythm and dance. The film journeys through rituals and dances in Namibia (San), Korea (Kut), Nigeria (Yoruba), New York (Gabrielle Roth), Brazil (Candomble), Turkey (Zikir, whirling dervishes), Morocco (Hadra), USA (Firedance) and Australia (Rainbow Serpent Festival). Special features includes four illuminating documentaries about the various rituals portrayed in the film and a closer look at a whirling dervishes ritual in an extended portrait of this fascinating ceremony.

DVD 2 > Invites you to join in and ‘do it yourself’ with the ‘Power Wave’, a high velocity ecstatic dance workout with New York urban shaman Gabrielle Roth. And dance your own dance to 80 minutes of global grooves tracks, with psychedelic visuals by D-Fuse!


Title: DVD: Dances Of Ecstasy
Publisher: In Motion Publishing
Author: Mahrer Michellle
ISBN: OA0872-D

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