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CD: Delta Metronome Cd

For Deep Relaxation and Body/Mind Healing This recording is one long track of a continuous Delta Brainwave Metronome sound for aiding meditation and perception enhancement. It achieves this by helping slow down brainwave activity to the levels associated with deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness. Track 1: Delta Metronome (67 mins) Recorded from 3 to 2 cycles per second. To help you access the deeper state of Delta Brainwave, the tone starts at a frequency of 3 Hz and over the first 3 mins gradually slows down to 2 Hz. The remainder of the track stays at 2 Hz. This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response where the brain?s activity ?follows the metronome?, moving you gradually deeper in your meditation to the desired Delta state. A big advantage of this recording is that you don’t have to use headphones to achieve the Delta Brainwave state. Benefits of the Delta Brainwave state Very deep relaxation/meditation ? while associated with deep sleep, increasing your levels of Delta Brainwaves can give you an experience of sublime deep relaxation and all the benefits that follow. Body/mind healing: reverse the aging process ? the Delta brainwave pattern is linked to an increase in the release of melatonin, a powerful anti aging hormone and to decreased levels of cortisol, a stress induced hormone. The Delta brainwave state is suspected to be an even greater healing state than the Theta brainwave state. Feelings of bliss and empathy with others ? such feelings can come from the deep meditative state that people experience with Delta brainwaves. Spiritual healing ? if you feel you need to connect more spiritually to others and the world then Delta could be for you. Being the slowest brainwave, Delta gives you the deepest access to your subconscious and a moving spiritual inner connection. Enhanced psychic experiences ? like the Theta brainwave Delta can show phenomena associated with altered states of consciousness such as paranormal visions, ESP, OBE?s, ability to see auras and many others. Metaphysically Delta is associated with the mineral kingdom.

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Title: CD: Delta Metronome Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild

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