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CD: Developing More Self-Confidence 2Cd

Take Charge of Your Life in Strength and Balance In this compelling and information rich series Stuart Wilde shows you how to arrange your thinking to develop a sense of confident expectancy. Here you will learn powerful techniques to dominate the reality around you so that the circumstances of your life become an affirmation of your ever-expanding self-confidence. Move confidently towards freedom, resonating balance and strength in the world!! Contains a subliminal CD to help you on your way. CD1: 1 Tracks – Discussion (59mins) 1: Illusion and inner power 2: Developing courage in your life 3: Feeling strength where you are 4: Affirming your power with words 5: Moving into change and creative visualisation 6: Taking charge, independence and your world reach 7: Resonating confidence to the world 8: Getting clear about your goals and free flow 9: The mind, dreams and morning thoughts 1. Affirming balance and strength CD2: 2 Tracks – Subliminal Messages (6mins) 1: Subliminal program with beautiful music by James Wild (3mins) 2. Subliminal program with beach waves (3mins) The Subliminal program contains the following messages: I feel strong and courageous?..strength is within?.. I am confident?..I embrace change?.I am healthy?.courage lives within me?..I am clear and focused?..I walk placidly amid the haste?.softness with strength?..I am powerful?..my path is clear before me?..the future is safe?..I am determined?..now is the time?..I make things happen?..boldness?..I have boundless energy?..I walk with courage??.I live in high-spirits?..I am self-reliant??adventure springs from within me?..I believe in myself?..I have faith in my vision…..I attract strong people…..I live in the moment…..enthusiasm…..my inner strength grows…..(repeated)

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Title: CD: Developing More Self-Confidence 2Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
ISBN: 9320170000565

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