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CD: Eclipse 2012

The Eclipse 2012 double album is the fourth installment of eclipse music; co-produced by Danielle Buntman and Twisted Records and released through One World Music in Australia.

Featuring Younger Brother; Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan, System 7, Entica, FREq, Eat Static, Paddy – Pitch Black, James Monro, Desert Dwellers, Gus Till, Gaudi, the list of talent goes on.

Using the internet, these artists scattered around the world have been ‘grabbing’ their own sounds of Australia – ranging from a kookaburra laughing to people speaking with Australian accents. Combine this with each producer’s personality and we have electro funky beats that everyone will want to hear. This Eclipse 2012 album is unique as the proceeds are being donated to The Aspiration Initiative academic enrichment program; The Aurora Project for Aboriginal children and students.

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Title: CD: Eclipse 2012
Publisher: One World Music
Author: Various

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