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CD: Elysian Vibes 3

The highly anticipated Elysian Vibes 3 has arrived and follows on from the success of Elysian Vibes volumes 1 & 2.

Created by One World Music’s DJ/Producer Leigh Wood, Elysian Vibes 3 surrounds the listener with smooth progressive beats and lush vocals to help create a chilled, therapeutic environment.

Elysian Vibes 3 is a 14-track disc that weaves its way through 75 mintues of aural pleasure with dexterous subtlety. Refreshing female vocals gently caress, while exotic flavours enhance the smooth ambient melodies.

Featuring established local and international artists on the down tempo scene such as Christophe Goze, Bliss, Amanaska, Laroca, Vargo and Afterlife.

Published Reviews

‘Elysian Vibes 3 is a compilation of ambient tracks from some of the world’s leading artists in the genre, including Amanaska, Vargo and Bliss. We’ve had this CD on play in the office for about 2 weeks now, and i’ve lost count the number of people who’ve come in and asked what was playing – it resonates on a deep level with the listener. EV3 delivers exactly what you want from ambient world fusion. It has smooth beats, silky vocals and subtle melodies that generate a calming and positive energy. Kudos must go to DJ/producer leigh Wood, who has assembled a seamless progression of tracks that, when taken as a whole, represents more than just the sum of its parts.’

Brad Gaylard…Insight Magazine September 2006

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Title: CD: Elysian Vibes 3
Publisher: One World Music
Author: DJ Leigh Wood / Various

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