CD: Elysian Vibes 5

Bringing together atmospheric grooves, hypnotic vocals and down-tempo beats like previous instalments in the series before it, ‘Elysian Vibes 5’ gives us a much needed escape from the chaos of busy daily life.

Leading the way in the Downtempo world beats movement within Australia is Sydney based label One World Music. Bringing to light a number of outstanding local and international acts over the past 9 years, the label has released the likes of Chris Coco, Afterlife, Audio Shaman, Tijuana Cartel, Amanaska, Flatwound, Tom Middleton and Aluta & The Mystics. They have also dispersed a number of high ranking compilations including 'Hotel Costes' and 'Buddha Bar' with their own series Eco-Zen and Elysian Vibes’ highlighting for many, the true essence of One World Music.

Label head, Leigh Wood has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years, co-founding One World Music in 2002. Originally from the UK, Leigh was a DJ in and around London for 10 years before a trip around the world led him to Australia where he's lived ever since. The first release on the label was the first volume of Leigh’s own mixed compilation Zen Connection, a unique global beats concept album that has gone on to sell thousands of copies around the world. It was hailed by Ministry of Sound Mag as an absolute pearler. 9 out of 10 and sparked the beginning of a catalogue of more than 15 original compilation titles released by One World Music

For ‘Elysian Vibes 5’, his first comp in 3 years, Leigh has lovingly selected tracks from his stable of artists and beyond to create an album that flows beautifully from start to finish. Kicking things off in fine style is a remix of British band Submotion Orchestra’s ‘All Yours’, drawing upon dubstep, soul, ambient electronica, jazz and dub, their unique music is as delicate as it is dense and this track is no exception.

Other standouts including Chris Coco's 'Summer Sun', Ganga's remix of Ronny Morris' 'All About Love' and of course Audio Shaman with their trademark tapestry of sound on 'Tiger'.

Elysian Vibes 5 is as captivating as it is subtle and is guaranteed to win the hearts of Downtempo lovers in Australia and across the globe over the coming months. Let yourself be swept away, if only for a moment or two.

a certainty to be loved by everyone who is a fan of chill-out, laid-back electro beats. And that's a fact. –

Elysian Vibes' delicate atmosphere and humble beats just warmed my weekend! – The Border Mail
Seamlessly blending world and electronic influences, Elysian Vibes 5 is the perfect thing to kick back, relax and melt' – X-Press Magazine
definitely a grand experience…Wood has crafted an album fit for the hearts and heads of chill-out lovers – 4/5 Junior Mag

a spectacular ensemble of atmospheric grooves, hypnotic vocals and down-tempo beats… think of it as instant mediation/hot bath/cup-of-tea/bliss for your ears – Christopher J Stanton – Beat Magazine
it's been a few years since we heard the last Elysian Vibes compilation, but the wait's been well worth it – Onion Magazine


Title: CD: Elysian Vibes 5
Publisher: One World Music
Author: Various

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