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Kit: Emotional Survival Kit

Emotional Survival Kit – Make Life Better

The Emotional Survival Kit is a ‘toolkit’ for life; a collection of easy to understand tools to use right now to help you pinpoint how you are feeling, perceive any emotional situation from a different, ‘inner’ perspective and use the tool provided to move forward in your life.

Whether you have been diagnosed ‘ill, ‘depressed’, are in an unhappy relationship or going through a relationship break-up, have experienced loss of any kind or want to break recurring patterns and beliefs, the Emotional Survival Kit will support you to feel more honestly, understand yourself with greater clarity and think more usefully as you build the life you really want to live.

Like your very own Counsellor, The Emotional Survival Kit holds a space for you to consciously connect back to yourself; to help you clarify how you truly feel, and what you truly think and believe about yourself rather than what you are ‘supposed’ to feel, think and believe. The focus is on awareness, mindfulness and what your feelings and body sensations are trying to tell you. The practise of conscious re-connection to that ‘larger, undefinable part of yourself’ and the adventurous journey of getting to know yourself along the way can’t help but support healing, growth, emotional freedom and happiness.

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Title: Kit: Emotional Survival Kit
Publisher: Jennifer Edwards
Author: Jennifer Edwards
ISBN: 9780646986715

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