DVD: Energy Healing for Beginners (1 DVD)

Foundational Energy Practices for Health and Well-Being

We know that we need to exercise to keep our physical body fit—but what can we do to keep our energetic body healthy and strong?

With Energy Healing for Beginners, you will learn foundational self-care exercises for this essential aspect of your wellness and vitality. Presented by Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, a pioneering mind-body physician who teaches these practices at Dr. Andrew Weil's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, this instructional DVD provides step-by-step guidance in seven key techniques, including:

  • Full-Body Sensing—How to perceive and diagnose imbalances in your own energetic field
  • Abdominal Breathing—A natural way of breathing to restore internal balance and disperse accumulated stress
  • Toe Tapping—A grounding practice to open and balance your vital energy field
  • Sacred Touch—A key practice for directing healing energy to the areas where it is most needed

How many people go to the doctor feeling sick or out of balance, only to come away with no answers about what's wrong? “Physicians have been taught to look at problems from only the physical level,” explains Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, “but the solutions are often found in our energetic anatomy, where most of our issues originate.”

Energy Healing for Beginners provides simple and potent practices to improve your vitality, strengthen your immune system, and take charge of your health.

Note: These practices are also included in the Energy Healing training course.


Title: DVD: Energy Healing for Beginners (1 DVD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Ann Marie Chiasson
ISBN: 9781604070989

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