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Finding Our Life Force

When a human being is unwell the whole human being must be treated, not just the disease. In other words, a holistic approach is needed

The main beliefs of the Life Force Foundation’s philosophy are:

  • Recognition of each individual as a whole human being – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual
  • Belief that healing takes place on many levels.
  • Recognition and acknowledgement of the experience of cancer as trauma, and the need for appropriate and supportive care for patients, families and carers.
  • Belief in a balanced approach to helth care and the right of the individual to have access to psychocosial support in dealing with the illness
  • Recgnition of the value of group work as a powerful tool for healing
  • In learning how to cope with and transform our feelings of fear, confusion, despair and anger, we have a precious gift – each other.


“Smoothly taken to a journey of comfort, calmness, and peace within your heart. Inspiring loving meditations that deeply make you explore your spiritual and physical body connection with Mother Nature to heal the Divine Feminine by and for heroes facing cancer”

Annelise Palacios, spiritual writer at Clair Healing in Germany – March 2014

What a beautiful book!
I love it and will certainly recommend it to my friends (yoga teachers) and give it to two of my current students who are ‘living’ with cancer.
I have seen so much of it over the years and often feel helpless in supporting the sufferer.
Now, meaningful books like this do help; especially being so personal. I will find the meditations helpful to, in giving and receiving.

Matthew Omalveney, a yoga teacher with 40 years of experience, resides in Sydney.

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Title: Finding Our Life Force
Publisher: JoJo Publishing
Author: Jonas Caro & Gillespie Jane
ISBN: 9780987358646

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