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DVD: Forks Over Knives

Heart disease. Cancer. Stroke. These are three of the leading causes of death around the world. Meanwhile diabetes is at epidemic levels even among adolescents. Across the globe millions suffer from a form of degenerative disease.

What if this could all be avoided If these ailments could be controlled or perhaps even reversed Forks over Knives connects the relationship between mass food consumption and the escalating rates of declining health among the greater populace. The evidence will stun you. The current dietary paradigm which consists of animal-based meals and processed foods must be reduced. Dont doubt it. The meticulous research and compelling details here outline the causes, effects and ultimately, avenues to solution. Forks Over Knives is an important film for everyone physicians and their patients included.

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Title: DVD: Forks Over Knives
Publisher: Accent Entertainment
Author: Fulkerson Lee

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