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CD: Gamma Metronome Cd

For meditation, happiness and contentment Lifting your mood with the Gamma rhythm This recording is one long track of a continuous Gamma Brainwave Metronome sound. The Gamma frequency is associated with greater feelings of happiness and contentment. Evidence from recent studies suggests that the Gamma rhythm induces a lift in mood with people experiencing elevated levels of joy and a compassion for oneself and others. This is believed to be affected by the release of endorphins – the body’s natural opiates. Track 1: Gamma Metronome (7min) – On this recording are many tones at different amplitudes with the overall effect giving a 4 per second frequency. Benefits of the Gamma brainwave state: Increased happiness and compassion – In June 22 studies done by scientist Richard Davidson on Mattieu Ricard, a Fench-born monk from the Shechen Monastary in Katmandu, showed extraordinary elevated levels of Gamma oscillations in his brain when he was asked to meditate on unconditional loving-kindness and compassion. Subsequent studies and investigations have shown that even short periods of meditation produce changes in the brain associated with increased levels of happiness and joy that are linked to elevated levels of the Gamma frequency. Boosted intelligence and learning ? people with higher levels of Gamma Brainwaves are thought to show higher intelligence and an ability to learn quicker and process information at a greater rate. Enhanced sensory perception ? all the senses come alive with an increase in Gamma Brainwaves. Our senses are perceived collectively giving you the ability to tune in more acutely to the real world and the changes that occur. A unified perception of consciousness ? in the Gamma Brainwave state you can experience a holistic world view – a feeling of oneness with the universe and creation. This can lead to blissful states of consciousness. A positive outlook on life and increased focus ? All meditation can lead to a more positive outlook but the Gamma brainwave seems to elevate this even more and the benefits of greater focus and concentration naturally follows.

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Title: CD: Gamma Metronome Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild

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