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Girls’ Guide to Growing Up Great, The

The Girls Guide to Growing Up Great is about thriving during puberty not simply surviving it. A positive, empowering guide for girls aged from 10 years. Covering everything from bodies and bodily changes, friends, feelings and sex (with all its different meanings and connotations) as appropriate for the age group, as well as vital information about the internet, cyberbullying and how to stay safe online.
Readers are encouraged to face head on the changes coming their way, allowing them to recognise the bumps on the road ahead, enabling them to understand their bodies (the plusses and the minuses) and help to counter any fears or disassociations between mind and body that puberty can bring about.

Featuring witty and original illustrations from Flo Perry as well as space to doodle and really make the book their own.
Also including contributions from Laura Chaisty, a trained psychotherapist, as well as medical input from GP Maddy Podichetty, this well-balanced book gives a modern reflection of what it’s like growing up today.

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Title: Girls' Guide to Growing Up Great, The
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Elkan Sophie
ISBN: 9781472943743

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