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CD: Guided Body/Mind Relaxation Cd

Relax, Let Go and Release Tension Feel more alive, happier and more energised Build stamina and a healthier body See an increase in clarity, focus and concentration The benefits of a relaxed body and mind are all encompassing. These recordings are simple but powerful and effective relaxations having the same narration on both tracks giving you a choice of a male or female voice, both clear and soothing. You are firstly guided through a step-by-step muscular body relaxation. The second part calms and frees the mind with time for creative visualisation and goal setting. The relaxing music by James Wild is calming and non-intrusive. Step towards energy ? relax your body and mind!! 2 Tracks (5mins) 1. Guided Relaxation by Olga Thomas (25mins) 2. Guided Relaxation by James Wild (25mins)

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Title: CD: Guided Body/Mind Relaxation Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild

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