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Happiness Hack, The – Take Charge of Your Brain and Create More Happiness in Your Life

As featured on the TODAY Show and in Health magazine(Happiness Hacks That Really Work)

Are you feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from things that once mattered to you? As we rely more and more on technology, it’s the devices meant to simplify our lives that often cause us the most stress.

For years, Ellen Leanse worked with titans like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. As she watched innovations create new habits in tech, she also noticed a dramatic rise in stress. But what if our habits can instead be hacked for happiness?

In this refreshing, practical book, you’ll learn Ellen’s proven methods to hack your mind in order to:

  • Have more time to do things you love
  • Create real connections to the world around you
  • Stop living your life on auto pilot
  • Reclaim focus for the things that matter
  • And most importantly, REDUCE STRESS

With the hands-on tips and tickets from The Happiness Hack, you’ll be back in control of your mind and living the life you deserve.

Perfect for readers of 10% Happier and The Happiness Advantage!

Praise for The Happiness Hack:

The Happiness Hack is a user’s manual for the brain. It makes neuroscience understandable, relevant, and practical, providing a friendly, actionable guide to putting your brain to work for you.- Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, founder of The Habit Summit

Wisdom and wonder bursts out of every page, along with clear and simple explanations of the science behind what goes on in our heads. Your life -and your brain -will never be the same again.- Roz Savage, Guinness World Record Holder and Lecturer at Yale University

Ellen Leanse breaks down the process of achieving happiness with understandable and useful examples that merge brain science and well-researched wisdom, in this approachable, fascinating, helpful book. A must read! -Lynda Weinman, Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist; Co-Founder, lynda.com

In one friendly, action-oriented book, Ellen Petry Leanse integrates insights from science and spirituality about how we can train the brain to create the life -and future – we want.– Wade Roush, journalist, futurist, and host of Soonish(soonishpodcast.org)

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Title: Happiness Hack, The - Take Charge of Your Brain and Create More Happiness in Your Life
Publisher: New South Books
Author: Ellen Petry Leanse
ISBN: 9781492679516

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