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CD: Holistic Devotion

Holy Names and sacred devotional chants from around the world are good medicine for the spirit soul as well as the body. Thousands of scientific studies demonstrate the link between spiritual sound vibrations, prayer and intention, and global health.

The sacred chants, prayers and melodies selected in this recording follow the principles of holistic intervention practiced by healers of many faiths (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Mystic Yogis, Shamans, Buddhists, Vaïsnavas and not religiously observant transcendentalists). The main function of these chants is to create in the listeners a positive change of consciousness, a coherent change of heart. According to epigenetic medicine and the biology of intention, there is mounting evidence that invisible factors of consciousness – such as beliefs, feelings and prayers- give a vibrational signal from the external environment. Our body then turns this signal into a set of electromagnetic healing instructions for our genes, creating new changes in our DNA sequence.

Because sterilized prayers and mantras cannot be effective, the music of Holistic Devotion creates a spiritual landscape assisting us in developing more heartfelt spontaneous prayers, being thus proactive in our journey toward spiritual healing.

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Title: CD: Holistic Devotion
Publisher: Devi Music
Author: Patrick Bernard

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