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IC: Birds Are Angels

These cards have been created with one leading intention, to remind us to listen.

The music of the universe moves around and through everything in existence, no exceptions. It flows perfectly in alignment with All That Is.

We breathe in the living consciousness of Kundalini, we breathe out in a rhythm that keeps our planet spinning in space.

Never underestimate your place in this earthly existence, don’t down play your part in the symphony, you are an important gesture, an integral component.

Take time to be fascinated with the magnificent creation that is your life!

See and FEEL your connection to the world about you.

Take care with your thoughts, be diligent, follow your bliss, lead by example, be the change you wish to see.

Give to yourself, feed your self-awareness, nurture self-appreciation, listen to the angels, the sweet morning singers.

You deserve to be adored, absorb the love songs on the breeze, let them adore you with their music.

Feel the tunes sweep through your body in a delicious wave of being.

You are an angel; you matter, find your voice and sing like a bird!

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Title: IC: Birds Are Angels
Publisher: Arna Baartz
Author: Baartz Arna
ISBN: 0643664999121

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