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Irritable Brain Syndrome, The

After a forty year sentence of suffering with Crohn’s disease, Kit Campbell shares her journey and the doors that led her to freedom. This book is not just for sufferers of this disease. The sub-conscious mind can create many conditions in the body.

“By understanding the separation between mind and self, finally choice came back into my life. You may beleive Crohn’s disease is incurable – but I invite you to suspend what you think you know and read how I cleared Crohn’s disease out of my life. My turning point happened when I came across a different way of thinking and a million light bulbs went off in my head. Everything shifted in my mind and everything was different. At last I realized that the way I used my brain affected my body”.
– Kit Campbell

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Title: Irritable Brain Syndrome, The
Publisher: Kit Campbell
Author: Campbell Kit
ISBN: 9780987451309

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