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CD: Jaya Bhagavan

Angelic vocalists Tina Malia and Shimshai join together in harmony on this beautiful recording of devotional sanskrit chants. With all acoustic instruments including guitars, 12 string, violin, dotar, stand-up bass, hammer dulcimer, African and Middle Eastern percussion, baglama saz, oud, sintir,ney, kalimba and more. Each song paints a different mood with colors from around the world, and an outstanding cast of musicians including Jai Uttal, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Yair Dalal, Sasha Butterfly, members of Hamsa Lila, and more. A powerful and moving journey of the heart.

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Title: CD: Jaya Bhagavan
Publisher: Amida Records
Author: Tina Malia
ISBN: 700261262611

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