DVD: Latin Groove – Dance & Be Fit

A spicy Latin dance program that just feels good! This sizzling Latin calorie-burner will have you trimming your waistline, shedding unwanted pounds? and smiling as you do it! Dance is a celebration of life and movement, and that?s what this program is all about. From the Merengue and the Salsa step, to the Rumba and even some sexy hip rolls, you?ll be adding your own flair and spicing up your workout in no time. The two 2-minute programs can be done separately, or together?it?s your choice. The moves are simple, expressive, joyful, and super effective in toning your entire body. So put on a smile, immerse yourself in the rhythms, and add a little spice to your life today! Warm-Up 9 min. Merengue Mix 2 min. Spicy Salsa 2 min. Cool Down 7 min.


Title: DVD: Latin Groove - Dance & Be Fit
Publisher: Acorn Media
Author: Desiree Bartlett
ISBN: AC6034

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