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CD: Light

What is the sound of light? To find out, innovative sound healer and musician Alex Theory created a one-of-a-kind set of ambient compositions captured on Light—the second installment in his soothing Full Spectrum Sound series.

When white light shines through a crystal or water, it is split into its component parts and the rainbow is revealed—a dynamic range of colors vital to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Using scientifically designed chimes and tuning forks that mathematically correspond to the electromagnetic wavelengths of each color, Theory translates the energy of light into sound.

Light incorporates the principle of “sonic biomimicry” by modeling these naturally occurring frequencies to support healing modalities such as massage, acupuncture, and bodywork. Here is an incredibly rich sonic tapestry that calms the senses and nurtures the spirit, ready to bathe you in an atmosphere of therapeutic radiance.

1 CD (1 hour, 9 minutes)

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Title: CD: Light
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Alex Theory
ISBN: MM01263D

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