Little Book for Lovers, A (HC Book)

Through love we permit life to flow abundantly into us and out of us and into the other person and the world. Love halves experiences of sorrow and pain,inevitable companions of existence. And it magnifies our experience of joy. Through joy, the vicissitudes of human existence become ultimately meaningful.—Georg Feuerstein

In A Little Book for Lovers, yogic philosopher and poet Georg Feuerstein presents an elegant book on finding the rich pulse of life between your lover and the world—in which nothing be excluded from your embrace. With poetry and perceptivity, the mysteries behind finding harmony with your Beloved are revealed as you return to the freshness and simplicity of love in all places, at all times.

Whether quietly reading this book for personal reflection, reading it to your lover on your anniversary, or sharing it with a new couple as a wedding gift, this lyrical and heartfelt book will open you to deeper intimacy with those around you—and place you in communion with the wildly beating heart of the cosmos.


Title: Little Book for Lovers, A (HC Book)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Georg Feuerstein
ISBN: 9781591794714

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