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CD: Living In Wise Mind (3CDs)

Three sessions of practical exercises and mind-body tools to cultivate emotional mastery for a healthier, happier life
In the course of our upbringing we’re all taught how to think logically, approach problems rationally, and use our intellect as our primary naviga- tional system through the challenging world around us . But, today, our stress levels are off the charts and we’re struggling in our relationships and personal and professional endeavors .Why? According to Dr . Erin Olivo, the answer lies in our emotions—and how well we can effectively manage them for overall health and well-being .

With Living in Wise Mind, Dr . Olivo brings listeners a life-changing series of guided mindfulness exercises, on-the-spot techniques for distressing situa- tions, and training in acceptance and tolerance of the things we cannot change . Intended as a stand-alone resource or as a complement to her book Wise Mind Living (see page 4), the teachings and practices here will help listeners achieve positive results whether their goals are weight loss, overcoming addiction, managing finances—or any area of our lives that we’re hoping to change—by
transforming the way we understand and relate to our emo- tions and synthesizing the best of our rational capabilities with the sensitivity of our emotions .

Erin Olivo, Phd, is an assistant clinical professor of medical psychology at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons . See erinolivo .com .

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Title: CD: Living In Wise Mind (3CDs)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Erin Olivo
ISBN: 9781622032488

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