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CD: Menopause: Initiation into Power

If you're a woman who is now or soon to be experiencing menopause, a word of warning from Joan Borysenko, PhD: you are about to become a force to be reckoned with! On Menopause: Initiation into Power, this bestselling author, cellular biologist, and clinical psychologist gives you the tools to take charge of your biology and spirituality in order to harness the energy that arises in midlife, including: – Four sessions exploring the science and spirituality of the power of your guardian years ahead – Insomnia, hot flashes, and night sweats?tap into the energy hidden within these symptoms – Three proven journaling exercises to discover the direction for the second half of your life – Hormone Replacement Therapy?up-to-date medical information on this crucial life choice, and much more Does the word menopause bring a moment of fear in your body, or does it give you a feeling of power and greater possibility? Joan Borysenko believes that if you knew the truth about menopause, you would look forward passionately to this adventurous stage of your life. Now, with Menopause, you have an unprecedented course to begin your initiation into power.

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Title: CD: Menopause: Initiation into Power
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Joan Borysenko
ISBN: AW00822D

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