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CD: Music For Dreams

The Music For Dreams imprint is the brainchild of Danish DJ Kenneth Bager, conceived in 1994 when Bager released a compilation titled Music For Dreams through EMI. Artists such as Peter Gabriel, D-Note, Coldcut and Stina Nordenstam were the heartbeat of the release, and coupled with Bager’s relentless desire to change the face of the music industry, a label was born

2001 saw the first signs of life on the Music For Dreams label, with the release of another trademark compilation with contributions by the likes of Radiohead, Mos Def, Gotan Project, Moby, and St. Germain. The release was featured in high-end fashion magazines such as Dazed and Confused, The Face, and Vogue. Since the days of infancy, MFD has become a kind of veteran in the music industry, and is considered one of the leading chillout labels in the world. The label has sold over 200.000 albums and its artists have featured on more than 800 different compilations worldwide.

To celebrate the success of their stellar roster and continuing support of exceptional music, Music For Dreams in conjuction with One World Music are proud to announce the delivery of Art Of Zen 5, containing a sonic kaleidoscope of musical tones and colours that epitomise the label. From electronic duo, Bliss (prominently featured on Sex & The City – The Movie), to the likes of moody underground aficionados, Lulu Rouge and the folk sensibility of N*Grandjean, Art of Zen 5 may become the soundtrack to your life – or more importantly, music for your dreams.

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Title: CD: Music For Dreams
Publisher: One World Music
Author: Various

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