CD: Nataraja

Nataraja: the Lord of Dance, source of creativity and all movement within the cosmos. To enliven you with this regenerative spirit, Shiva Rea offers Nataraja, a pulsating collection of world-influenced electronica from the evocative soundtrack to her Yoga Trance Dance DVD.

At the cutting edge of today's exploding flow-yoga phenomenon, Shiva Rea is renowned for creating original music compilations that cross genres to evoke the flow of yoga and life. On Nataraja, Benjy Wertheimer, DJ Cheb i Sabbah, Dum Dum Project, Kaya Project, and other favorites are joined by Shaman's Dream, KDZ, John De Kadt, Clan Travelers with Byron Metcalf, Sivakumar, and more to lift you on an upward spiral and align you with the moving rhythms of creation.

Enhanced CD includes exclusive footage from Yoga Trance Dance.

1 CD (1 hour, 12 minutes)


Title: CD: Nataraja
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Various
ISBN: MM01045D

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