Original Mind

What would it feel like to experience the world again like a child—deeply engaged with our senses and filled with wonder and creativity?

Original Mind takes us on an odyssey back to our beginner's mind, and into our many undeveloped potentials. Through fascinating research, insights, stories, and engaging practices largely overlooked by other brain science books, neuroscience and learning pioneer Dee Joy Coulter challenges us to question the conventional definitions and limitations of our minds, and then to move beyond them. This delight-driven odyssey explores a vast landscape of untapped dimensions of consciousness, including:

  • How to see again with the fresh wonder of an infant
  • Calming, Enriching, Magnetizing, and Self-Regulating—four keys to character development and emotional resilience
  • How reading profoundly changes our brains, and how to develop the remarkable capacities of the pre-literate mind
  • Engaging the body to enrich the art of thinking
  • Boredom, Complexity, Ambiguity, Permeability, and Novelty—five tolerances to liberate creativity and joy
  • Protecting—and expanding—our cognitive faculties as we age
  • Blending newfound intuitive skills and school-learned abilities to navigate the complex demands of the modern world, and much more

Thank you for your interest in Original Mind. Below, you will find supplemental documents available for download, designed to deepen your study and support your practice of the material presented in the book.


Title: Original Mind
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Coulter Dee
ISBN: 9781622031948

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