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DVD: Qi Healing

Indigenous healers have known for centuries how to direct vital life energy through their hands and into those in need. Perhaps no other part of the world has refined this skill more intensely than China, which has a 3,-year-old tradition of therapeutic qigong. Therapeutic qigong is so effective?yet so simple to learn?that it is now being used by hospitals and clinics Now, with Qi Healing, you can learn how to use these authentic techniques yourself to heal and energize others. You will learn to release stagnant qi (or life force) in others, detoxify internal energy systems, and restore a healthy balance of qi flow throughout all the tissues of the body. Taught by Ken Cohen, one of the most respected qigong authorities in the world, this complete video instructional course demonstrates every step for administering healing qi energy to others safely and effectively. Two detailed sessions include exercises for mental and physical clarity, methods for organ cleansing, specific external qigong practices to direct qi precisely for maximum healing effect, and much more.

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Title: DVD: Qi Healing
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Ken Cohen
ISBN: VT00025D

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