Recovering Joy

Addiction recovery requires a serious commitment, yet that doesn’t mean it has to be a bleak, never-ending struggle. “Recovering takes us through many difficult steps of discipline, humility, and self-realization,” says Kevin Griffin. “In doing so, many of us forget that we are capable and deserving of basic happiness.” With Recovering Joy, Kevin Griffin fills in what is often the missing piece in addiction recovery programs: how to regain our ability to live happier lives. Whether you’re in recovery or know someone who is, this book is a resource of valuable guidance and self-reflection practices for:

  • Rediscovering a sense of purpose and our own value through our work, relationships, and contribution to the world
  • Developing personal integrity by living up to our own moral and ethical beliefs
  • Using our intelligence and creativity to their fullest extent – at work and at home
  • Cultivating a rich inner life that includes a sense of connection – whether expressed in our spirituality, our interactions with others, or our relationship to the natural world
  • Bringing an element of fun into our lives – learning to embrace our own sense of humor as a resource for healing

Recovering Joy offers an illuminating guide to help us cultivate positive mind states within the challenging context of addiction. With practices and insights drawn from Buddhist mindfulness and the 12-step recovery program, Griffin reveals how we can better act in accordance with our core values, nourish healthy and satisfying relationships, renew our sense of playfulness, and find the unexpected joys in the journey of recovery.


Title: Recovering Joy
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Griffin Kevin
ISBN: 9781622034291

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