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Reiki Bible, The (Godsfield)

Learn about the fascinating healing art of reiki with this comprehensive yet compact guide.

This comprehensive and authoritative look at reiki explains how this ancient spiritual practice can treat a wide range of ailments. You will discover its history and development, how it works, and the everyday benefits it can yield. The book also features practical, easy to understand diagrams and pictures on how to fully utilise the healing and soothing potential of reiki.
A detailed directory provides information on treatments to combat a large number of afflictions. These include digestive problems, skin complaints, mood changes and muscle pains. There are also hints and tips on how to give reiki treatments for your friends and family, and at different life stages.

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Title: Reiki Bible, The (Godsfield)
Publisher: Godsfield Press
Author: Eleanor McKenzie
ISBN: 9781841813219

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