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CD: Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis (2 CD)

Proven Self-Hypnosis Techniques to Help You Find Inner Peace and Relaxation If you find yourself feeling increasingly frazzled and overwhelmed, you?re not alone. Today?s fast-paced life gives us plenty of opportunities to get stressed-out. Now with Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis, Dr. Steven Gurgevich offers practical solutions to help us learn how to cope with the demands of modern life while remaining calm and focused. Drawing from his 3 years of clinical practice, Dr. Gurgevich shares medical insights and four guided trancework sessions for using proven self-hypnosis techniques to tap the healing power of our mind-body connection, including: ?The Mind-Body Scan to identify where you are holding stress, then safely unblock it ?Positive Mind, Positive Relief for building your strength and inner resources to minimize the way stress affects you ?Doing the Right Things Right to release your worries and reinforce healthy self-care habits ?Immediate Relief for quickly accessing your innate relaxation response ?We can?t make the causes of stress go away, but we can train ourselves to work more effectively with them when they arise,? teaches Dr. Gurgevich. With Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis, you have a practical program to help build your immunity to stress and make comfort and calm more readily available to you?in any life situation.

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Title: CD: Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis (2 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Steven Gurgevich [Phd]
ISBN: AW01483D

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