In Rescued, NYT bestselling author Peter Zheutlin interweaves stories and lessons from families who have welcomed rescue dogs into their homes with his own zany experiences adopting one for the first time in midlife to reveal what we can learn from these animals who were once lost and are now found. Blending keen insights and advice on navigating the complexities of caring for a rescue dog with humorous (and occasionally heart-wrenching) anecdotes, each chapter reveals important life lessons we can learn from second-chance dogs, such as:

  • – The truth about living with a rescued pet: it is not one continuous Hallmark moment.

  • – How rescue dogs can heal us just like we heal them.

  • – Surprising new ways they can teach us to rediscover and celebrate our joyous inner child, accept change gracefully, and forgive others and, most importantly, ourselves.

    For anyone who loves, lives with, or has ever wanted a dog, this irresistibly charming book will warm your heart and show how the dogs whose lives we’ve saved can change ours for the better too.


    Title: Rescued
    Publisher: Viking
    Author: Peter Zheutlin
    ISBN: 9780143131175

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