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Return Home: Words of Clearwater

In Return Home – Words of Clearwater people are invited to share the channelled wisdom of Daniel’s brother of a past lifetime, ClearWater, a Cheyenne Indian shaman who speaks to your heart and speaks of your true nature.

First published over twenty years ago as a bestseller with over 140,000 copies sold in Australia alone, Clearwater continues to guide and inspire readers with his timeless wisdom. Arcadia Press have decided to re-publish a complete book because of the number of requests we have received from readers over the years.

Return Home – Words of Clearwater has been published as a complete set of the popular Words of Clearwater books. Printed in a high quality keep-sake nish with a silver foil cover, this book will be a valued possession in one’s library.

About the author:

Although departed from this world, Daniel Littlewood’s work continue to comfort and inform spiritual seekers worldwide. Daniel never aspired to become a spiritual teacher, and yet this humble man went on to deliver Clearwater’s words to thousands of students in Australia and the United States.
Arcadia Press in committed to releasing his works through a series of publications in honor of Daniel’s lifetime of service and to assist a new generation of readers in their quest for inner peace and deeper understanding.

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Title: Return Home: Words of Clearwater
Publisher: Arcadia Press
Author: Littlewood Daniel
ISBN: 9780987162564

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