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CD: Shavasana Trance

Release, surrender, dissolve—shavasana is the closing pose of many a yoga session, where we rest upon the earth, accept her healing embrace, and let go of tension and worry. Shavasana Trance takes us into that space with an evocative compilation of 11 peace-infused selections by a gathering of top artists on the yoga scene.

Created to draw us naturally into the restful breathing cycles of shavasana, this album is also a great choice for ecstatic movement, massage, or a welcome cool-down after a busy day.

Featured artists: Desert Dwellers, Stevin McNamara, DJ Drez, Sinepearl, Adham Shaikh, Srikalogy & DJ Taz Rashid, Dave Eggar Quartet, MC YOGI, Eccodek, Iemanjo, and DJ Spooky.

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Title: CD: Shavasana Trance
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Various Artists
ISBN: 9781622036202

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