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Sheldon Short Guide Phobias and Panic, The

For many people, life is made intolerable by phobias. Common fears may range from crowded places to a fear of spiders or blood, but, the basic underlying mechanism is the same acute anxiety. This book looks at how to tackle both specific phobias and the anxiety which causes such disproportionate fear, and covers obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, generalized anxiety state, and panic disorder with agoraphobia. Other topics include: Causes of anxiety and phobias Professional help and how to get it Planning a self-help programme Panic disorder and agoraphobia Dealing with catastrophic thoughts Lifestyle tools exercise, relaxation, diet, alcohol, time management.

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Title: Sheldon Short Guide Phobias and Panic, The
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Author: Professor Kevin Gournay
ISBN: 9781847093684

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