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CD: Shiva Machine

Girishs life journey has been marked by a series of profound transformations, unified by an underlying journey toward purpose. He has gone from aspiring jazz drummer to Hindi monk to first-call tabla guru for the likes of Krishna Das to solo mantra troubadour, and hes not done yet! Where the uninitiated might see restlessness in these transitions, Girish sees a commitment to continual refinement of his life purpose. In hindsight these changes seem drastic, but in the moment it was the only thing that could have happened. The calling was so strong, I really had no other choice. Girish. It should come as no surprise then that Girishs latest CD, Shiva Machine is all radical departure and simultaneous next step evolution. The musics mesmerizing trance-funk grooves and trip-hop devotional dirges boldly go where Sanskrit has never gone before. And while Producer Herb Graham, Juniors slinky grooves and Girishs smoky baritone feel and sound effortless, Girish reveals a process that wasnt always comfortable. I knew I wanted to make a record that would reach out across the yoga divide. Then, as Shiva Machine started up, it became clear how much the music would ask of me. How much could I expand and surrender to let it come through? I felt like a woman in labour, learning to trust a process much bigger than me. Girish. If you want a taste of what boundless aesthetic possibilities sound like when they collide with Sanskrit chant, Shiva Machine is it. Have a listen and see if you agree – mantra won’t be the same again.

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Title: CD: Shiva Machine
Publisher: Spirit Voyage
Author: Girish

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