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CD: Sleep Well Tonight: Guided Meditation For Sleep

Ahna de Vena is a Natural Sleep Specialist who made this CD at the insistence of her clients. Again and again they said: I wish I could take your voice to bed with me. Can I call you when I need to sleep? Ahna’s gentle voice will guide you into deeper and deeper rest until you naturally drift into sleep. The tracks have a lulling rhythm with a soothing silence between her words that gives you space to surrender. By using this CD regularly, you’ll naturally learn how to calm your mind and body and eventually be able to fall asleep on your own.

I seldom make it past the first ten minutes of Ahna’s CD before I am deeply asleep. — Radha Baird

Ahna’s voice is deeply comforting and relaxing, like a wise friend that gently guides me when my mind can find no way to rest or sleep. A true blessing. — Jon Gibbons

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Title: CD: Sleep Well Tonight: Guided Meditation For Sleep
Publisher: Anna De Vena
Author: Ahna de Vena
ISBN: 884501647045

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